Axon Optics Migraine Relief Glasses: Natural Relief from Migraines, Light Sensitivity, and Visual Snow

Disclaimer: I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. Please see the Disclosures Page for more detailed information.

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My Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome includes sizable portions of migraines, painful photophobia, and distracting visual distortions.

Avoiding exacerbating lighting triggers is an essential survival skill against these chronic processes! Today, I’m sharing my experience with Axon Optics Migraine Relief GlassesAlbeit prescriptions are often necessary for many, my case included, regaining control with nonpharmacological measures gives back quality life despite the battle against incurable disease.

Trigger Warning: The following video contains bright, flickering lights and loud noises.

Ever wonder what lighting sensitivities aka photophobia is like? Check out my video depiction of it below:

Whether it’s the stingy rays from the overhead fluorescent bulbs at doctor’s offices, blinding blue light from device screens, or even natural sunlight, I always recoil with pain! When this happens, an insidious level of damage begins to fulminate as my migraine sequelae start ripping and tearing away at my quality of life.

My chronic struggle is more sensitive than ever but with my original intro to Axon Optics in Fall 2016, I feel better armored for these battles! I frequently shout out enthusiastic social media endorsements because I believe in the power of this brand. I want other migraine sufferes to know there is hope.

This amazing product backed by scientific research provides an effective defense against difficult and often disabling symptoms associated with chronic migraines, photosensitivity and strange phenomena known as visual snow. I live with all of these symptoms, so when another opportunity came around to work with Axon Optics, I submitted my notice of interest right away!

Axon Optics’ Dalliance frames with indoor tinting on lenses for natural photosensitivity, visual disturbances and migraine relief.

For my second chance to work with this amazing brand, I went for a lighter weight style with an indoor lens. The Dalliance style met these needs with a Sashay of fashion on the side! Although I prefer my HANNIKs when outdoors or in brightly lit stores for peripheral coverage, my Dalliance frames serve great purpose, combinIing effective protection with beautifully functional style! 

The Cateye-esk, hot pink frames jive with my retroish style sense. This style is trendy but durable for every day, all day use. I love wearing them as a compliment to my galaxy leggings!

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Dalliance indoor lenses allow for whomever I interact with to see my eyes whereas the outdoor lenses of the HANNIK model shield my eyes completely. 

Artistic Selfie of the author wearing the HANNIK model available at

Typically, I avoid eye contact because of my neurodivergences; however, there are times when eye contact communicates a message my voice cannot, especially with medical practitioners. Because these glasses help to cut back on my distraction levels due to visual snow and other strange, non-psychiatric visual disturbances, it’s easier communicating my needs, not only with health care providers but also with my family/caretakers.

Between home, medical appointments, and social meetings, the Dalliance model Migraine Glasses from Axon Optics improve my chronic illness life by leaps and bounds! I avoid untoward consequence of happenstance lighting exposures while also complimenting my attire. The indoor lens allow the sincerity in my eyes a platform if needed. All day use helps me save spoons normally lost to lighting triggers, distracting visual disturbances, and painful photosensitivity.

Overstimulation to my sensory experience via lighting and visual disturbances dominoes into a tailspin of chronic symptom flares with days if not weeks lost in the fog of recovery. These migraine glasses provide a much needed barrier against offensive lighting.

The effects of photophobia, chronic migraines, and visual snow are poorly understood. Still, integrative research indicates sufferers live with an over sensitized neural pathway between the eyes and the brain. Continual transmission of inappropriate pain signals via the thalamus of the brain creates a situation of sensory overload. Much like a rubber band stretched beyond its limits, so is the thalamus when it comes to interpreting the constant barrage of pain signals in response to normal stimulus. Eventually, the thalamus stretches too far and gets stuck in high alert mode. This makes for a great deal of stress and subsequent damage to the delicate homeostasis of the chronically ill body. 

My Axon Optics Migraine Glasses give back quality of life by shielding my neurological system from such painful stimulus. This allows me endurendurance for activities I’d otherwise forgo because of painful triggering. Consistently, regardless of which style of Axon Optics I wear, my practitioners give kudos to my efforts to naturally manage my issues with migraines, photosensitivity, and visual snow.

Hot shot of yours truly sporting my new #AxonOptics Migraine Glasses. #prettyinpink These are the Dalliance style with indoor lenses and pink frames. I am super-duper pumped for the opportunity to demo these glasses free for honest review through my membership with @chronicblogs Be looking for my full review up on in the next couple months! In the last year, I've sat in roughly 30 different doctor's offices and every last one used fluorescent lighting sources. As if these appointments weren't painful enough! Fluorescent lighting is a big trigger for not only my migraines but also my sensory issues. The flickering and artifical brightness makes for misery business when trying to clearly communicate my needs. Something about those tubular beams of unnatural lighting activates my my brain fog something fierce! Since getting the chance to review these glasses, fluorescent lighting is a barrier I now succeed! These glasses are the real deal! Not only do they look super-duper cute but they also help me get through appointments without triggering my migraines, protecting my sensitive eyes from the assault of fluorescent lighting. At the same time, the lenses are not so dark people can't see my eyes nor is it difficult to see while wearing them in lower lighting. Just taking care of this small factor in my chronic illness life with ehlers-danlos makes a big difference overall in this journey! I cannot recommend Axon Optic's line of migraine relief glasses to others with lighting sensitives enough! [Image Description: selfie shot of Dawn in the doctor's office. She has long, medium brown hair with a large grey streak in the front, parted to the side with the bulk of her hair laying along one shoulder. She is wearing a grey sweater and pink framed glasses with tinted lenses. She is looking up defiantly and the reflection of fluorescent lights are in the lenses. In the background is a blood pressure cuff attached to a cabinet with a computer underneath.] #chronicillnesslifestyleblogger #Migraine #photosensitive #Ehlers-DanlosSyndrome #migrainerelief #freeforreview #ilovemyaxonoptics #flourescentlights #theseaintcheapsunglasses

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Visual snow deserves a special mention as it is a rarely reported phenomenon.  I experience visual snow as though my vision gets poor reception, much like the fuzziness when television reception is poor. Sometimes these disturbances include large blotches and shadow flashes, making life strange and difficult to process at times. Using my Axon Optics allows enough reprieve from these stressful symptoms for me to interact with my environment more comfortably.


Axon Optics offers a surplus of styles to suit any taste. The company publishes solid tech backing up efficacy of migraine relief glasses as a medical device. Axon Optics photosensitivity glasses are customizable with any prescription. Axon Optics even offers an option to send in your own frames for custom lenses. Prefer contacts? Well, Axon Optics carry those also!

From one Spoonie to another, these migraine glasses bring back accessibility lost to light sensitivity, chronic migraines and visual disturbances. These provide effective protection and relief without the untoward side effects! Do yourself a favor and check out Axon Optics today for 100% Spoonie approved, natural migraine and photophobia protection! These glasses will change your life and save spoons!!!

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May your doctor’s listen to understand.

May your treatments work without folly.

May you get all the rest you need.

May you feel safe and secure no matter where you were before.

May this life take it just a bit easier on you when you need it most.

<3 May you have quality of life  even without a cure <3

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immunizeLABS: Products to Soften the Brunt of Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Disclosure: I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. Please see the Disclosures Page for more information.

If you’ve not caught on, I am open to trials of alternative treatments to manage the many symptoms experienced in Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. In conjunction with medical modalities, I balance between both worlds for the best quality of life possible in light of chronically incurable disease. Today, I’m sharing my experience with immunizeLABS’s line of supplements to manage issues with underlying infections, poor immunity, and inflammatory pain associated with a grand myriad of chronic illnesses alike.
immunizeLABS: Products to Soften the Brunt of Chronic Illness Life | Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome [Image Description: photograph close up in a laboratory with beakers and jars in the background. There is a text overlay “immunizeLABS: Products to Soften the brunt of Chronic Illness Life.” At the bottom of the photograph is the website title and URL: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome]

Medical Disclaimer: Always consult with a trusted practitioner before employing any alternative treatment. This is a product review, not medical advice.

To my surprise, the immunizeLABS sent the entire kit #4 for my trial (I was only expecting one product)! Along with the shipment was a personal letter from the company commenting on my chronic health struggles shared here in addition to the supplement’s instructions. This company is a grassroots outfit making waves in the chronic illness world through word of mouth and the personal experience of the proprietor and spouse as they battled the medical system for an effective solution against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalitis.

My one-month trial of immunizeLABS products included TWO bottles of PainRelief, a bottle of Shield, Boost, oralMiracle and Nasal Spray. Use the coupon code DAWN10 to get 10% off at!

Their story sounds like portions of my own as my experience in finding answers, let alone treatment for my chronic problems is often hit and miss. Through perseverance for a better quality of life, the immunizeLABS story is one of success because the protagonist found a treatment allowing for a quality of life unobtainable through the conventional system.

The reasons I wanted to try out any of these products are numerous. I have a long-term strep infection, history of mononucleosis and a borderline western blot for Lyme disease as well as daily bouts of gastrointestinal distress related to eosinophilic gastritis, leaky gut, IBS, biliary dysfunction, a poorly function pancreas and more. My immunity is seriously lacking in helpful defenses as a result of innumerable constituents related to chronic disease. EDS is a multisystemic, complicated disease process requiring meticulous considerations from a nutritional aspect. immunizeLABS formulas are designed to make up for the variety of impaired detoxification pathways often present with worse effects in the chronically ill body.

The first ingredient to seize my attention in immunzieLABS’s concoctions was Colloidal Silver. As a child and into adulthood I did not have access to medical care unless it was an emergency situation so often times Colloidal Silver was the only treatment available for minor infectious processes. Usually, there was never a need for further treatment. I used this naturopath antibiotic to treat a damaging middle ear infection in my hubs with an amazingly effective outcome when I was sure he might lose his hearing. Throughout my twenties, I used Colloidal Silver and mega doses of Vitamin C anytime hidden infections stirred my lymph nodes into swollen little beans. In my nursing career, a medical doctor prescribed Colloidal Silver for my patient with previously active resistant infection put into remission by the treatment. Despite my experiences with the benefits of Colloidal Silver, scholarly publications on the efficacy of use are few and far between.

The controversy over Colloidal Silver according to WebMD cites the FDA’s position on Colloidal Silver in 1999 as “an unsafe and/or ineffective supplement of no medical use.” The risk for argyria comes from evidence indicating Colloidal Silver is not eliminated from the body, causing a building up in tissues of organs with the result observed as blue skin. There are cases of this well-documented and worth reading before considering Colloidal Silver containing supplements.

In all my homeschooling years surrounded by alternative therapies, I never encountered anyone suffering from argyria with daily use. In all my years of intermittent use, I’ve never turned blue.  Quality is an important factor in choosing a Colloidal Silver containing supplement as WebMD notes “People who produce colloidal silver at home will likely not be able to evaluate their product for purity or strength.” This comes into to play with the products available at immunizeLABS as their Colloidal Silver is laboratory tested for quality assurance.

Contentions over Colloidal Silver present interesting points noteworthy in this impartial review. If functional medicine is your thing, Dr. Axe’s article on the benefits of Colloidal Silver supplements is a good place to start when looking at the advantages. Personally speaking, the relief I note with silver versus antibiotics stands as enough evidence for my own efficacy of use. Always talk with your practitioner and exercise appropriate due diligence on such matters before starting any supplement protocol. Alternative treatments are not for everyone and do pose risks better avoided by working with a trusted practitioner. That said, let’s get on with the review!

Here is an artistic picture edited for this post of the products contained in my kit. There was an additional bottle of the PainRelief not pictured but much appreciated as I’ve continued to use it for really bad pain days! |immunizeLABS: Products to Soften the Brunt of Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | | [Image Description: original photograph by Dawn Meeks of all the immunizeLABS products in blue tinted bottles. The larger bottles are glass and the smaller bottle is plastic with a nasal tip. The bottles are arranged in a triangular pattern. There is a fruit dish with oranges in the background. The table is wooden. The wall in the background is red. From the reader’s left to right is OralMiracle, PainRelief, BreatheEasy Nasal Spray, Boost and Shield.]
Each of the products in my trial presented clearly labeled with contents and amounts of ingredients making it simple to ensure no allergy triggers were present. Impressively, the integrity of the formulas is protected from light sources which would deplete the potency. The drinkable formulas came in dark blue glass bottles and the nasal spray contained in thick, blue plastic. This simple touch shows this company is dedicated to quality assurance. immunizeLABS gained my respect with this all too often disregarded detail.

[Image Description: Photograph of Dawn Marie, content creator and blogger at, holding a plastic water bottle containing immnizeLABS PainRelief, Boost, and Shield mixed with water for a once daily dose. The author has long, dark hair with a gray streak pulled into a side bun. She is wearing a black sweater. She is smirking at the camera from an angle and has her eyebrows raised. In the background is a kitchen scene with a white stove with overhead microwave, a white refrigerator, and light wood cabinets most prominent in the shot.]
My instructions were to take 1 tablespoon of the Boost and Shield each with 2 tablespoons PainRelief on an empty stomach with a bit of water in the mornings. See the video below demonstrating how to mix these formulas for a quick, daily dose. Each of the formulas is flavored as chocolate and the liquids look chocolatey but I found the taste to be less chocolatey and more earthy with a strong taste of cacao powder, a superfood ingredient packed with antioxidant power in all these formulas.

Waiting twenty minutes before ingesting any foods or liquids as instructed proved a beneficial practice. Within that sliver of time, my stomach bloat reduced considerably and more routine elimination patterns emerged. Doing this helped me experience less immediate side effects of nausea and stomach spasms when my medications hit my stomach at the start of the day. 

With a stroke of luck, I received my trial of the products right when a big wave of sinus infections ran rampant through my home.   The Breathe Easy Nasal Spray is for as needed use at the first sign of a migraine, sinus infection, allergen exposure and so on. Immediately, the spray became an effective treatment over the days my body fought the infection. Within approximately ten minutes of administration, my sinuses unblock, allowing me to breathe normally for four hours. My tribulations with the sinus infection only lasted 2 days using the Breathe Easy Nasal Spray, Boost, and Shield to bolster my immunity against an infection.

Since applying this protocol, my lymph nodes reduced from their routinely swollen size and my cyclic night sweats reduced from 1-2 weeks a month to 2-3 days! I give Shield, Boost, and the BreatheEasy Nasal Spray all the credit for correcting my immune system’s tendency to work against my body, This is truly phenomenal as infections usually set off a process in my body prolonging the illness for weeks whilst aggravating my underlying chronic issues!

Speaking of, I’ve continued using the spray at the first sign of a migraine with helpful results. My migraines still occur but using the spray helped diminish to the severity and days in bed. I also use it to combat my allergies to our 4 dogs and 3 cats. Sure, I take a daily antihistamine to treat my pet allergies but when I feel the need to bury my face in the furs of our fur babies, my nose immediately stuffs up while my eyes swell. Not loving our animals is not an option! Using this spray immediately when this happens saves me from hours of itchy, watery eyes while allowing me to quickly recover the ability to breathe through my nose. Then, I can go back to nuzzling with complete relief of symptoms for four hours or more!

The PainRelief formula relieved my pain levels significantly throughout the day, especially when it comes to the inflammatory pain I experience from arthritis and generalized joint swelling. The cumulative effects of EDS on my musculoskeletal system what with random subluxations, dislocations and over extensions/flexions take the most responsibility for my chronic pain but there is also the case of my constant battle with gastritis as well. Although I take medications to treat these different pain types, there is always an underlying level left untouched. It is a deep sense of swelling I can only describe as insidious.

Only one hour from my first dose of PainRelief, I noted those untreated levels of pain converting to a less arduous burden upon my energy levels! Well into the month trial, I felt more energetic with less pain thus allowing me to use my spoons for things like physical therapy, painting, planning our move and spending time with loved ones. I did the dishes for the first time in nearly a year because the decreased pain levels yielded more energy! I really enjoyed seeing my pain levels decrease without the increased side effects I feel when managing my pain solely with prescriptions.

immunizeLABS PainRelief for pain and inflammation Supplement Facts

It is no wonder the PainRelief formulas work well for so many different aspects of pain. The ingredients are known throughout holistic health communities as powerful combatants against inflammatory and neuropathic pain types. I was particularly happy to see the inclusion of Curcumin and Ginger oil as I’ve used both these remedies for years when relief from conventional medicine failed my case.

Another outstanding ingredient in the PainRelief Dietary Supplement is MCT oil. I’ve used MCT daily for over a year, finding it an easy way to get in important fats without the bulk of food that ordinarily exacerbates my symptoms. The amino acid content in PainRelief is remarkably concocted to deliver proteins normally obtained through diet in an easy to digest form to help regulate the bodies dysfunctional metabolism.

Nearly every time I require hospitalization, I end up on total parental nutrition to correct amino acid and other nutrient deficiencies which I’m prone to develop. Each time this occurs my pain levels rocket straight through “Level 10” into infinity! Once I get the boost of nutrition to set things right again, my pain levels and other distressing symptoms wane into remission. Over the last year, using supplements such as immunizeLABS to support my deficient nutrition when I can’t handle a typical dietary intake is unquestionably keeping me from the fate of a feeding tube, for now. The amino acid combinations in the drinkable formulas in my kit worked well against the multisystemic, painful and distressing symptoms I experience on a daily basis.

immunizeLABS OralMiracle Dentist-Approved, Kills Germs and Bacteria, Reduces Plaque, Promotes Remineralization, Eliminates Bad Breath, Whitens Naturally. Peppermint Flavor

I was excited for the opportunity to try out the OralMiracle Mouthwash because I cannot use alcohol based, commercially available products due to pain, mucosal dryness, and sensitivities to other additives. The instructions were to swish with 2 tablespoons every night at bedtime after brushing my teeth and avoid drinking any more fluids after the practice.

Using the OralMiracle Mouthwash mouthwash, my oral ulcers healed without resurgence as I pen this review. The swish is soothing to my often sore mouth and swollen tongue. The taste is gentle and pleasant instead of burning and agonizing as it is with alcohol based formulas. It only takes a diminutive amount so I am still using the formula almost 2 months after it first arrived! My teeth felt cleaner and my teeth showed whiter. OralMiracle Mouthwash also helps with my temperature hypersensitivity issues with my teeth. This is just one of the many products immunizeLABS offers to treat the various symptoms of chronic disease.

immunizeLABS features SkinMist, a skin care product reasonably priced at $40 USD. This treatment is designed to moisturize and protect the skin without all the harmful chemicals found in nearly all commercially available health and beauty products. Another innovative contribution I’m interested in trying is giRelief, a formula taken as a maintenance supplement with increased dosages to treat flare-ups of “Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, Crohn’s, Diverticulitis, Ulcers, GI Bleeding, and Hemorrhoids.”

immunizeLABS Healing Face Body & Hair Mist | Toxin-free!
immunizeLABS GiRelief Reduce Pain Reduce Inflammation Stop Bleeding

The cost of the Kit #4 is $310 USD but the folks at immunizeLABS are offering my readership an 10% discount using the coupon code DAWN10 at checkout! These are effective products to manage the wide variety of symptoms I experience. If you are looking to invest in alternative symptom management therapy that works, immunizeLABS is a quality assured option. If this is too big a commitment, immunizeLABS also offers each component of the kit for individual sale at a lesser price.

My experience with immunizeLABS was outstanding! I loved the personal touches to my package as well as the benefits each formula offered. For those with chronic illnesses interested in trying something new, immunizeLABS offerings come with quality assurance and rave reviews. For Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, the benefits delivered by immunizeLABS products are unmistakably palpable!

Use coupon code DAWN10 at checkout to receive a 10 percent discount! | immunizeLABS: Products to Soften the Brunt of Chronic Illness | Only in this Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | [Image Description: photograph of a night sky with a burst of light yellow and orange fireworks. The blog post title and blog name is overlaid in text.]

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Product to Improve the Quality of Chronic Illness Life | Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | Chronic Product Review Series | [Image Description: High res image of a female sleeping on a couch in front of a large window. The Blog Title and Series Title overlay the Photo]

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Retraining my Brain with The Gupta Programme

Oh, my amygdala!

We’ve danced this exhausting dance too many times before. There is no use beating around the bush, we both know these overreactions don’t help.

Yes, there are things I want you to attend to but please do not set off alarm systems for every petty variation in my experience!

It’s exhausting and I want it to


Disclaimer: I received this product free for honest review as a part of my membership with Chronic Illness Bloggers Network. Although this product was a gift, all opinions are my own and in no way influenced by the compensation of this product. See the Disclosures for more information.

What is the Gupta Programme?

The Gupta Programme is an intensive therapy used to retrain the brain’s responses to physical symptoms from a state of panic to a conscious state of mindful wellness. The creator of this therapy is Ashok Gupta, self-proclaimed “former” victim of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalitis. After falling ill ten years ago at the hands of CFS he was able to reverse his symptoms after three years of illness.  Ashok details an intensive fifteen years of research and personal experience resulting in the fruition of Amygdala Retraining method, the core action of the program’s principles.

The Gupta Programme is designed for those living with CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Chronic Pain conditions and Anxiety. According to the retraining’s philosophies, over-reactive conditioning over time causes maladaptive changes to our alert systems, placing our neurology in a constant state of fight or flight. In Gupta’s evidenced-based theory, reconditioning the Amygdala’s emotional reaction to physical symptoms will decrease time spent in hyper alert states; Thereby, calming the body’s defenses to non-life threatening stimuli and allowing for healing.

For my demo of The Gupta Programme, I wanted relief of anxiety; However, I hoped for help with managing symptoms of chronic fatigue, chronic pain, chemical sensitivities, and POTS. While there is a definite physiological foundation to all these issues, two things are for certain: my system tends to run in overdrive regardless of the situation and this only exacerbates all of my symptoms further. Finding a method to control the overdrive reactions is essential to managing Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This intensive program is an exceptional way to install “mind over matter” routines in defense from the symptom assault cycle common to chronic illnesses. What you get with The Gupta Programme is formalized guidance on applying regular meditation practices and techniques akin to cognitive behavioral therapy. The different methods presented help manage “symptom thoughts” in a more productive manner from a neuropsychological perspective.

The Gupta Programme Website lists the DVD Programme with three months of personal group coaching by Ashok for $250 USD including the following features:

  • Full DVD Home Study Course sent on purchase
    • I received a full workbook with all DVD materials in printed form along with worksheets and motivational wall hangings.
  • 12 Weekly Webinars in a group and access to Recordings
  • Opportunity to ask Questions in text form
  • Money Back Guarantee after 6 months of use, and for up to 1 year (no questions asked)
  • You can catch up on recordings of current Coaching series, or join the next one
    • Gupta recently employed the use of Facebook Groups and Facebook Live to the program to increase the community feel using the program and for more accessibility to all who take on this intensive response retraining protocol.

On the Gupta Programme’s Youtube Channel is a detailed explanation of Ashok’s experience with CFS/ME, Fibromyagilia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities embedded below for a free preview of what to expect with the program.

I found The Meaning of Life Experiment Videos on Youtube a few years ago. This series explains the mindfulness perspective of consciousness. I embrace consciousness development, anything involving self-improvement and the goal of peaceful harmony with the universe. Gupta did a wonderful job presenting on these topics with this series of videos to accompany The Meaning of Life App available on the Google Play Store here or on Itunes here. The Meaning of Life Youtube channel is updated regularly with new content aired on the Gupta Program Facebook Live Series. This program is religion neutral and can be combined with any spiritual practice as needed.

The Amygdala Retraining Technique is a relatively simple cognitive action done over and over to recondition an injured Limbic System into moving from a state of panic to one of mindful wellness.

The technique is easily applied to any chronic illness concerning cognitive neurology with event processing. Utilizing these methods reduces time spent in hyperdrive on a neurological level, soothing the assault on the body from an “all systems go” level.

Image Credit [Image Description: sagittal view of the human brain with the cortex, thalamus, and amygdala pointed out.]
Gupta implores program attendees to put away any preconceptions and resistance to the program for a six month period while instituting the practice into a conditioned response. During the webinars, he frequently reminded my group not get hung up on timeframes for “getting better.” He recommended taking a year to work diligently on these methods for the best results. Above all, Gupta reminded us often there is no pressure in this space to rush into wellness. The supports employed by the three-month program provides a grand cornucopia of tools for a lifetime of healing so no need to feel pressure while completing the program at your own pace.

How The Gupta Programme Helped Me

From the beginning of my more serious health problems, recommendations to reduce anxiety and stress levels resounded long before symptom management or even diagnosis. For awhile, I thought they might be right. Many years of antidepressants and antianxiety medications left me feeling like a zombie until finally, I quit them all. It was only then I realized these medications weren’t right for me, a fact proven recently with genetic testing revealing issues with drug metabolism of SSNRIs, SSRIs, and certain benzodiazepines. No wonder I felt so horrible during those years!

From a rather young age, I remember being excitable. I over-reacted to life by nature whether it be with joy, sadness, fear or trepidation. I didn’t know how to behave unless I went over the top with the reaction I thought most appropriate. As an adult, I constantly struggled with knowing how to react as within a few years of adulting I realized my reactions were viewed as odd. Add in a lifetime movie dose of traumas and there’s the perfect recipe for How to Make a Chronic Illness Worse with Anxiety.

Despite my illnesses, I am all about health and wellness activities. I’ve used meditation for many, many years in various forms. Before I hit my big injury in 2015, I sported a cool hour Yoga and Pranayama practice daily. I even continued a modified practice until I could no longer stand due to POTS and now, the practice is further tailored to accommodate the significant decline in my malady over these last few years. Over my lifetime, between flares of illness and periods of wellness, I was active in life and work. I took my health struggles like the waves you jump through to get further out into the ocean, intuitively knowing I absolutely must try harder if I were ever going to get past the backpedaling of the curls. I did not account for the undertow at work in my genetics, getting stronger with each inapplicable assault of adrenaline coursing through my body. I didn’t see the predisposition to injury and lasting debility until it fell upon me with harsh consequence. The peaks and troughs of my illnesses continue but through it all, I learned no one method is adequate in managing life with chronic illness.

Employing The Gupta Programme helped me reintroduce healing practices into my life, making my anxiety work for me instead of against me. When I gain adept knowledge, I recall the information much like a supercomputer processor, taking all the little bits of data received and then translating it into the highest probability based on my knowledge base. While this ability is an enormous benefit while advocating for myself using my previous nursing experience, the same practice works to unnerve me with all the possibilities flying up into my conscious thought haphazardly causing undue stress on my body and mind. It is for all these reasons my participation in the program helped me regain some control in life by retraining my thoughts towards ideas of wellness rather than impressions focused specifically on my debility.

For me, The Gupta Programme was the boost I needed to get back to employing more dedicated and mindful meditation practices.

Yes, I still have symptoms. What changed is I use the techniques from The Gupta Programme to help me stay calm when my symptoms flare rather than letting my anxiety in on the chaos to make things worse. This physiological cascade of anxiety in the long term spectrum results in further damage. Using Gupta’s techniques, I manage my reactions to symptoms through a conscious effort, repetitively employed and eventually integrated as a habit on my sub-conscious level. This retraining reframed how I view my illnesses and exacerbations of symptoms into a more productive perspective. My mind can now take breaks from the constant symptom chatter so I may refocus on crucial pursuits like spending quality time with my loved ones, meditation, creating and writing.

Simply said, employing this program provided the mental reset I so badly needed since my health went downhill again.

It is important to address any behavior modification plan with your pertinent healthcare providers. I presented The Gupta Programme to my therapist and nonsurgical orthopedic doctor, ensuring this program would be okay for me to employ. Both agreed it was a good route for me to take in managing my disease processes. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a lifelong, incurable diagnosis with countless surging consequences throughout the entire body. My vitality is sensitive to stress levels. Quelling the inner storm of fear when aspects of my illness take over is essential to survival.

"Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength." -Charles Spurgeon | Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | | [Image description: close up high res photo from of a water drop in water with the ringlets flowing outward. The Charles Spurgeon quote: Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength. overlays the top of the photo from a light blue with dark trim text bo. The bottom of the photo has Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome written in light blue font.] Image credit
“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.” -Charles Spurgeon | Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | | [Image description: close up high res photo from of a water drop in water with the ringlets flowing outward. The Charles Spurgeon quote: Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength. overlays the top of the photo from a light blue with a dark trim text box. The bottom of the photo has Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome written in light blue font.] Image credit
In honest review, The Gupta Programme is an excellent resource for those dealing with any chronic illness worsened by states of anxiety. The theories behind the retraining are substantial when understanding the physiological mechanisms set forth by the body in reaction to stressors. There’s no denying the benefits the retraining offered in managing my anxiety with greater success, especially when it comes to my body flaring out of control from problems related to EDS and POTS. By the end of the 3-month program, I could better recognize when my worries were getting the best of me and stop the process. I am not cured but I definitely got some recovery. Gupta’s methods, effectively applied, decreases the stress response and improves quality of life from an important, often neglected viewpoint of the mind-body connection. Although the program is over, effects of the retraining remain. The Gupta Programme is the perfect adjunctive therapy for regaining control of life lost to illness.

Thanks for reading my review of The Gupta Protocol for Anxiety!


This review is a part of the ongoing series here at Only in this Head: Chronic Illness with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in which I highlight exceptional products for managing chronic illness life.

My goal is to provide valuable information thru chronic illness product reviews whilst intertwining the account of my EDS history and diagnosis. My hope is my work will serve as a beacon to the undiagnosed Zebras looking for examples of Zebra life as well as providing the chronic illness community with real erudition on the innumerable goods marketed to those enduring disease and debility. While an EDS diagnosis doesn’t include a cure, employing multiple strategies improves quality of life, invariably improving the overall prognosis of this insidious process. My mission at Only in this Head is providing sincere product reviews the chronic illness community can trust ❤

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Chronic Pain Toolkit: 6 Tools to Improve the Quality of That Chronically Painful Life

I am one of the  cursed ones, doomed to live life with chronic, progressive musculoskeletal pain. Whether it’s my muscles, joints, bones, ligaments or tendons acting up, my diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome plays out painful effects throughout any one or all of these system components.

Finding a pain management strategy to improve my quality of life is an Art of Survival. Sharing what I learned through research, trial, and error is the mission of this humble website, so without further ado here is my  Chronic Pain Toolkit: 5 Tools to Improve the Quality of That Chronically Painful Life™

This post contains affiliate links which I may receive a commission if these links are utilized. This is a great way to support my work at no extra cost beyond the purchase. No forms of compensation were provided by the companies for these product links and all opinions belong to the author of Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrom. Please see the Disclosures page for more detailed information.

#1 Hot and Cold Therapy

My muscles strain and sprain for no rational reason more often than not. My doctor prescribes an opioid and muscle relaxer to help, which is great except for the increased side effects and leftover pain unrelieved by prescriptions. Adding Hot/Cold therapies to my pain management toolkit helps where the scripts leave off.

I purchased this Sunbeam heating pad from Amazon a few months back to replace the one I lost. The original heating pad made it 5 years without malfunctioning, so I was confident in the brand and purchase.

Sunbeam 756-500 Heating Pad with UltraHeatTechnology

One of my favorite things about this heating pad is the length and width. Laid out flat, it covers my entire back or I can wrap it around my belly when my gut is acting funky. My intermittent subluxations, dislocations, and frequent strains/sprains make this a must have on hand item for those bad days. Heat helps promote circulation, which is often impaired with injury and inflammation occurring with EDS as well as other chronic pain conditions.

Cold packs reduce harmful inflammation by slowing circulation. With musculoskeletal injuries, circulation may too quickly deliver important immunity components to the area of injury to hasten the repair process. An overzealous effort floods the area with interstitial fluids beyond the tissues capacity. The resulting damage caused by  pressure to delicate structures and nerves in and around the area, thereby making the original injury even worse. Applying a cold pack immediately after an injury helps to reduce damaging inflammation.

TheraPearl Sports Pack, Reusable Hot Cold Therapy Pack

I use these hot/cold packs by Therapearl are great because they don’t stiffen in the freezer so I can easily use it on any area without causes pain from a hard, awkward, frozen block. Using anything frozen on my body activates my cold intolerance quickly. This pack is made with a gentle, velvet fabric to keep the direct coldness off the skin. Plus, these packs are just the right size to spot treat sore areas on my back. As far as the “hot” usage goes, the heat dissipates too quickly to be effective. One even popped while heating in the microwave. I can’t recommend these for hot therapy. Nevertheless, I can’t say enough about these handy cold pack for combating my musculoskeletal pains.

#2 Muscle Salves, Lotions, and Balms

Topical pain relievers are integral to treating my chronic musculoskeletal pain. There are a wide variety of topicals available through Amazon. I’ve tried quite a few different products available as well as from other online suppliers.

Recently here on OnlyinthisHead: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome I got the opportunity to review a  couple CBD-infused products for relief of my musculoskeletal pain with fantastic results. Please see the links below to open a new window to read the reviews.

I was SUPER impressed with the power of CBD lotions for my chronic pain. Right now, The Fay Farm’s Rejuvenation Lotion is my favorite pain relieving lotion, but I also am quite fond of Noxicare, an all natural pain relieving cream formulated by physicians specifically for musculoskeletal pain.

Noxicare™ Natural Pain Relief Cream | Physician Formulated for joint, nerve and musculoskeletal pain

Both these products contain powerful ingredients, known to reduce inflammation, swelling and related pain without harmful side effects. Unfortunately, my chronic illness story includes a load of hypersensitivities to certain foods, additives, and chemicals. Neither of these products aggravated those issues. Anytime I begin feeling strain or swelling in my muscles and joints, applying topicals reduces my pain within 10-15 minutes. With continued and daily use, the reduced muscle tension works to improve my other symptoms. Even if this intervention only provides a fraction of relief, it is relief that cannot be achieved in any other way.

#3 Relaxation Techniques

Any practitioner equating my pain only with stress automatically loses my respect if they know my history. It feels invalidating as if being told, “You are only in pain because you fear pain.” 

Why can’t they understand it is the pain stressing me out not the other way around?! Regardless, relaxation during pain flares  is important for the best outcomes. With the right tools in my Chronic Pain Toolkit, it isn’t an insurmountable endeavor and helps considerably.

“To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead, you relax, and float.” ~ Alan Watts

The relaxing intervention I use to help lull my pain into submission includes indulging my olfactory senses with essential oils. The sense of pain is much like the sense of hearing, taste smelling, sight, and feeling. It sets off processes in the body to prepare for incoming stimuli, whether it being pulling away from a painful stimulus or initiating secretion of digestive juices after smelling an appetizing meal, our olfactory senses are always sending messages about the environment to our brains so the body can be ready. At the same time, when one sense is negatively overwhelmed, adding stimulus to other senses will help divert energy from the offending sensation to respond to new incoming stimuli. This is how aromatherapy works to help reduce pain by inducing relaxation.

Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil for relaxation during pain flare

Essential Lavender Oil is exceptionally helpful when  experiencing a pain flare. Rubbing a few drops into my hands, cupping my hands over my nose taking deep inhales and exhales transcends my soul beyond the pain of the flare.  While I do not believe essential oils cure chronic illness, I believe there are therapeutic effects available to augment more conventional therapies.

Sound provides countless therapeutic effects, especially within the realms of relieving chronic pain via the use harmonic and resonant tones. Known  for healing properties. my Tibetan Singing Bowl helps me focus my mind and calm the racing though often accompanying pain flares.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set by Geshe’s Dharma, Daily Meditation for Healing Relaxation Therapy

When I use this beautifully hand-crafted work of art by Geshe’s Dharma, those nagging realities dissipate into the abyss so I can focus on allowing the pain to pass without overtaking me. The tones this calm my mind, creating a slight vibration on my forehead between my eyes. I imagine ancient magic aiding my pain plight.

Through this relaxation technique, I enter a meditative state where pain transcendence is possible, even if only a placebo effect. This bowl makes a great conversation piece as well! Of course, this is helpful in dealing with my anxiety/panic attacks also. Amazon offers numerous varieties in Tibetan Singing Bowls and the prices are affordable. The tone is beautiful as you can see here in this short video demonstration:


Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution Bundle | 1 Relax & Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint and 1 Soothe & Sleep Lavender (3lbs)

My toolkit wouldn’t be complete without luxurious and pain relieving Epsom’s Salts. My soaks in the tub with lightly scented Epsom’s salts help on days where nothing relieves the stiffness, swelling and pain. Soaking in an Epsom’s salts bath for a twenty minutes or more helps tremendously to loosen things up so my other tools will work better. I tried several different brands, but am partial to any of Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts.  My favorite is The Soothe and Sleep Lavender for I’m a little addicted to the Lavender scent.


#4 Compression Therapy

My hands cause a significant amount of arthritic pain. Eighteen years after the first utterance of arthritis, it is now widespread throughout my body throughout my whole body.  Sadly, my hands look like a 105 years old.

One management strategy proving helpful is compression therapy. This works by confusing pain signals via  pressure application. It also promotes circulation via the gentle vacillation the compression simulating the pumping action of the skeletal muscles.

The Vive Health Products on Amazon offer great deals on quality medical equipment. I looked hours for at compression gloves to find one well reviewed.  After foraging the compression gloves section of Amazon checking options and customer reviews, I felt confident spending $15 USD on this product. This glove met my needs and looked great no matter what I wear (usually PJs!).

The Vive Arthritis Compression Gloves are quality crafted. Fashionably, the material’s stylish gray/black pattern fusion is neutral and exceedingly versatile. I feel evocative of the C-punk movement wearing these gloves! That makes me a

Click Here Great Deals on Vive Compression Gloves on Amazon!

awesome despite my pains!!! The open-ended fingertips  allow for the gloves to be worn even when I am using my tablet.

The material stretches gently, but provides light support. Breathable and moisture wicking, using these overnight tames my tendency to clutch my hands into a contracture while sleeping. Although the gloves take a few days to get accustomed to and sometimes I get a sore area on the skin between my pointer finger and thumb, this never causes further issues or takes longer than one minute to forget.

The seams are well-secured and even. The glove is sturdy to all day use and the dark color hides accidently stains until the next wash. I wash mine in the sink and hang them on the towel rack to dry. Consistently, the elastic pressure continues to provide the same support and relief as they did on the day of arrival. The material is warming, which is something very important to those of us with very cold hands (despite our warm hearts)!

The pain relief provided to my arthritic hands is significant! I love the pressure, seemingly diffusing the pain response when worn an hour or more. I can take them off an hour later to find a reduction in the swelling and a satisfactory level of pain relief to type or write for a little longer without a break. Employing these gloves will do the same for anyone experiencing pain and stiffness secondary to swelling in the hands. Compression is well known for its medical benefits in treating chronic pain and Vive compression gloves live up to the expectation!

#5 TENS unit

Premium TENS/EMS Reusable Self-Stick Gel Carbon Electrodes
A TENS unit is a must have for anyone living with a chronic condition causing frequent muscular sprains, strains and tension. Over the years of dealing with progressive musculoskeletal pain, my TENS unit saved me from going to the urgent care more than once!

With my disease process, strains and sprains are a part of everyday life, but having a this TENS unit on hand makes a big difference! I can lay in bed in utter despair due to pain or lay in bed receiving relaxing, massage effect from the stimulation this little unit provides until my muscle tension dissipates. I’ll choose the latter.  Amazon has loads of TENS units available for you to review here. Be sure to pick up the electrode gel and extra pads because this will be the first thing you run out of!

#6 Distraction Techniques

The other day during a haphazard scroll through Facebook a Nursing Page I follow posted the following meme the Willy Wonka meme regarding the patient’s report of pain versus the nurse’s perception of the patient’s actual pain level.
Tell me again how your pain level is 10/10 while your texting and watching your laptop
Tell me again how your pain level is 10/10 while your texting and watching your laptop

Any nurse sharing this meme should be ashamed and quit nursing. Distraction is one of the first interventions discussed in pain management courses during nursing school. Distraction is an effective, positive coping mechanism in dealing with pain levels of any intensity.

When I was in the final stages of labor with my son, I painted my nails and did my makeup all while waiting on his arrival. It was the only thing I could do to keep me from being overtaken by the painful experience. In regards to chronic illness, during every single one of my hospital admissions my laptop and cell phone served to distract me from the miserable experience of being hospitalized. If it weren’t for the countless hours of streaming media between Youtube, Amazon Prime and Netflix I would have lost my mind a long time ago living with chronic pain on a daily basis!

Distraction is a great technique for diverting attention away from the pain of an experience. Never let any nurse bully you into thinking true pain is staring blankly into space. Not only is this maladaptive but it will make pain worse! Instead, remind them of their nurse’s training with this tidbit provided and watch how quickly the attitude changes. Then, continue to use whatever distraction techniques works best for you.

As I said, one of my favorite ways to distract myself is with streaming media. I have a Youtube Red membership because advertisements, but even with a free account access to original content is never ending . With this and my Amazon Prime membership, I can always find something of value to distract me from my pain enough to make life a little more worthwhile.  Prime benefits must be made for Spoonies because the extra services and perks to the membership save countless spoons!

My relationship with Amazon Prime was on and off from 2010 to 2015.  Amazon makes it super easy to cancel the membership before being charged as you can initiate this action immediately after sign-up and still enjoy a full 30 days of prime membership benefits!

Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 Days!

Since 2015 I’ve maintained our Amazon Prime membership as it offers a load of benefits beyond the 2-day free shipping saving us hundreds of dollars and loads of time. With Prime, I get access to Prime Video, Prime Music, and Kindle Unlimited all under my annual membership fee. All these services help to distract me from my pain so often that I think I would cry if we lost our membership!

The benefit far outweighs the cost when considering how much these services cost individually from other providers.  My household used to pay $10 a month for a streaming music service, $20 a month on video streaming services, and at least $50 in video rentals a month. That’s $80 a month in just entertainment, which adds up to almost a thousand dollars a year!

Prime media streaming services offer a massive catalog of music, books, movies, tv series and documentaries to keep me distracted from the toils of chronic pain.

With access to thousands of Kindle books free with my Kindle unlimited add-on subscription, I am  learning new things and increasing my reading speed. This is great despite my cognitive and neurological issues troubling most of my days.

If there is a TV series on premium cable I want to watch, Amazon makes it available as a series to purchase and stream or I can just add on a premium channel to my Prime video subscriptions.

Not to mention the fact that all the previously recommended products were purchased via my subscription!

Give Amazon Prime a test run free for 30 days. The offer is super transparent and canceling is no hassle under the account tab with a few clicks of the mouse.  You get loads of streaming distractions that will be sure to make your nurse spend her off time making mean memes about patients instead of enjoying life!

In Conclusion of The Chronic Pain Toolkit

Successful pain management is multi-faceted and adaptive to individual needs. I put together this Chronic Pain Toolkit as a resource for those struggling to find nonpharmacological pain management to complement medically managed care. While this collection of strategies is not a substitute for medical advice or direction and is for informational purposes only, all too often practitioners fail the chronic pain community with a lack of direction provided to patients regarding non-pharmacological pain strategies. With balanced tactics against chronic pain outcomes improve and quality of life increases!

My Chronic Pain Toolkit

Thanks for reading! What are some ways you deal with chronic pain? What ways don’t work? I’d love to hear the contents of other Spoonie’s Chronic Pain Toolkit! Light and Love my sweet Spoonie friends! <3

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❤ Thanks for reading and may your days be blessed with peaceful calming vibes❤

My goal is to provide valuable information thru chronic illness product reviews whilst intertwining the account of my EDS history and diagnosis. My hope is my work will serve as a beacon to the undiagnosed Zebras looking for examples of Zebra life as well as providing diagnosed Zebras with real erudition on the innumerable goods marketed to those enduring chronic disease and debility.

While an EDS diagnosis doesn’t include a cure, employing multiple strategies improves quality of life, invariably improving the overall prognosis of this insidious process. My mission at Only in this Head is providing sincere product reviews the chronic illness community can trust❤

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TMedPharma's 3-Product Protocol Versus the Chronic Pain-Fatigue-Sleep Cycle Disturbance in EDS

My Chronic Illness Life with EDS  undulates with many chronic issues like pain, sleep disturbances, and chronic fatigue. This trio is enough to make life difficult but when you add in chronic gastrointestinal issues, delayed and immediate food hypersensitivities and a dash of neurosensory processing deficits with a sprinkle of cognitive impairment every day is a balancing act between my illnesses and living life well despite chronic, debilitating disease.

I’ve given up on the idea of “winning” against my sicknesses and instead focus things I can do to delay the inevitable degeneration accessorizing this rarely diagnosed condition This reframing does wonders for the chronically ill state of mind! Accepting what is beyond my control while engaging what is malleable keeps my proverbial head above the rushing waters of EDS.

Currently, my nutrition is under control after nearly a year of fighting to get back to healthier weight and dropping below 100 pounds just a couple months ago. I attained this through focused research while looking at my own nutrition as an integral part of holistically managing my health to make Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome the best it can be.  

Surviving life with any chronic disease process takes many tools, tactics, trials, and errors.

In my chronic illness life, relying on prescription medications to treat all facets of my disease process easily becomes a slippery slope leading to compounded issues. I strive for an intelligent balance between pharmacological symptom relief and non-pharmacological measures to manage around all the angles my particular case of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome offers. While I am nowhere near healthy, I am learning to live life a life well in a way that works best with my illnesses and disabilities. With the goal of raising EDS awareness always at the forefront of my mind, I share my experiences demoing products geared towards improving the quality of chronic illness life in my Chronic Product Review Series

My cornucopia of alternative treatments to match important conventional therapies is full of plenty from many years managing these disease processes, undiagnosed. My experience as a registered nurse for 8 years prior to my disability lends a great understanding of the pathophysiological processes at work in many chronic conditions, with a special focus on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome since my diagnosis at the beginning of 2016.  With this experience and intensive research, the massive impact nutrition impedes upon chronic conditions is undeniable!

Living undiagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and associated effects for most of my life, my nutrition status waxes and wanes frequently due to a variety of correlated factors. In the worst of times, I ended up admitted for intravenous administration of amino acids to get back on my feet. Almost a year ago my amino acid analysis indicated a severe deficiency in ALL ESSENTIAL AND NON-ESESSENTIAL Amino Acids, spurring yet another episode of IV nutrition with hospitalization.

Ehlers-Danlos most notable action on my system plays out in the forms of fat/nutrient malabsorption, nausea, GI pain/spasms, IBS-C, delayed motility and a surgery from 2007 that is now coming apart. Each time my disease process flares, my ability to eat without severe distress is out the door and the weight begins to disappear. My face becomes gaunt. I look fragile and it is yet another uphill climb to “recovery” with even less than I started out with before the severe flare. Still, a decade ago when all this started to amp up to its true form, I lacked an understanding of what was going on and poorly managed my conditions from a perspective of denial.

That changed when I realized getting nutrition in simplistic forms worked wonders in regaining some control of gastrointestinal flares. Since my 3-week hospitalization in January and February of 2016, nutritional supplementation is keeping me alive as I cannot eat enough food to supply my body with the essentials nor will my body process complex forms of nutrition. Several types of supplements improved my nutrition and symptoms by leaps and bounds considering the condition I was in just a few short months ago. 

Disclaimer: I received these products as a gift for review as a member of the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network. However, my review is my own opinion and not influenced by the provision of this gift. At Only in this Head: Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, my aim is to provide those with EDS and associated chronic conditions quality content and this applies to product endorsements and reviews. For more detailed explanations please see this Disclosures Page. This blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to represent or provide medical advice. Please talk with your doctor before making any changes to your regimen.

Part of my supplementation plan included employing  TMed Pharma’s Medical Food Protocol for chronic pain, chronic insomnia, and chronic fatigue to supplement my scarcity of amino acids. After a 90-day trial and three weeks post-trial, I am here to report  this protocol made a tremendous difference in the day to day of Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome for this Medical Zebra!

If you know me personally, you know I’m still sick and sometimes worse still. An interesting fact about invisible illnesses like EDS is even on our best days we struggle with far more than the average person could endure. When I say this protocol was instrumental in my progress with managing my chronic diseases, please don’t confuse this with a cure. Even with the best nutrition possible, there will still be days when the chronic nature of these interwoven disease processes will overcome me; Moreover, there is no cure for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Symptom management is my only option from the medical field.

The opportunity to review T-Med Pharma’s Medical Food Regimen for Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Fatigue and Cognitive Dysfunction truly came at the perfect time considering all my issues with poor nutrition and significant weight loss over the last two years specifically but also over the past ten years intermittently! Sadly, nutritional aspects of medicine are often neglected in conventional care. A grand majority of  practitioners lack focused education on the physiological impact of malnourishment along with the poor utilization of nutrients within the chronically ill body.

This oversight causes amplified danger for worse issues down the line. After dealing with a number of physicians during my eight-year career as a Registered Nurse coupled with the last 2 decades of having serious health issues, less than one-fourth of practitioners I encountered gave any concern to managing the nutritional aspects of any chronic disease process.  In my observations, neglecting this topic hastens end stage disease processes compared to the alternative. While using TMedPharma’s protocol, I saw a substantial reduction in frightening symptoms, all of which could be traced back to nutritional deficits working in tandem with my Ehlers-Danlos genes.  

TMedPharm’s website states medical foods are “natural medications specifically designed to help patients safely and effectively manage chronic disease.” TMedPharma produces their line of medical foods in cGMP certified facility, which means quality control meets the regulations to process and manufacture foods, drug products, and active pharmaceutical products.  These supplements are regulated by the FDA for managing chronic disease symptoms via nutritional supplementation of deficiencies common for many people living with chronic pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance and brain fog. According to the FDA’s website, “The term medical food, as defined in section 5(b) of the Orphan Drug Act (21 U.S.C. 360ee (b) (3)) is

a food which is formulated to be consumed or administered enterally under the supervision of a physician and which is intended for the specific dietary management of a disease or condition for which distinctive nutritional requirements, based on recognized scientific principles, are established by medical evaluation.

These products are designed to reduce the need for side-effect inducing medications in the management of chronic diseases by supplying the body with the building blocks needed to naturally bolster the body’s defenses against the relentless assault chronically illnesses, such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, perpetuate. At this time, most insurances do not cover medical foods but TMedPharma is willing to work with chronic illness patients to find an affordable medium between the retail price and what is affordableThis is uncommon for nutritional supplementation company and makes TMedPharma stand out in excellence! 

The Protocol 

TMedPharma's 3-Product Protocol Versus the Chronic Pain-Fatigue-Sleep Cycle Disturbance of EDS
Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | | TMedPharma’s 3-Product Protocol Versus the Chronic Pain-Fatigue-Sleep Cycle Disturbance in EDS | [Image description: Artistically photo-shopped picture of the author’s pill planner filled with assorted pills. TMedPharma’s 3 Protocol formula Sentra PM, Theramine & Sentra AM are leaning against a distorted keyboard in the background. The website name and article title are blocked out at the top of the photo.]

Theramine for Chronic Pain & Inflammation

Click here to by Theramine direct from TMedPharma's site!
Theramine is a specially formulated Medical Food product, consisting of a proprietary blend of amino acids and polyphenol ingredients in specific proportions, for the dietary management of the metabolic processes associated with pain disorders and inflammatory conditions.

Theramine is the center of this effective protocol against chronic pain and inflammation. In a study published by the American Journal of Therapeuticsincluding Theramine in a chronic back pain management plan significantly improved participants pain levels as compared to participants receiving NSAIDs for pain management for which pain levels actually increased


Other Ingredients: Gelatin, tricalcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, vegetable magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose

Click to Learn More about Theramine!
“Theramine: Natural Medication Patented formula contains only amino acids, nutrients, and botanicals. No Harmful Side Effects. No risk of stomach bleeds, heart attacks, or addiction. Theramine is not a narcotic pain reliever.”

Theramine contains milk in the form of hydrolyzed whey protein isolate and is not vegan. There is no added sugar, starch, wheat, yeast, preservatives, or artificial flavors In Theramine. Best of all Theramine is nonaddictive with a low risk of side effects which are no worse than minor food intolerances and are usually not sustained. Theramine utilizes Targeted Cellular Technology, a controlled formulation provides a high bioavailability of amino acids with smaller amounts of amino acid precursors to stimulate proper amino acid synthesis. The science behind this biotech is fascinating and well worth the read.

Theramine is reported effective in “reducing pain and inflammation in fibromyalgia, headaches, back pain, joint pain, and muscle strain.” My EDS life consists of all these ailments so I was excited to start the protocol and hopeful supplementing my obviously comprised nutritional status would improve at least a few symptoms as many are attributable to amino acid deficiencies.

My Experience with Theramine

I took two capsules of Theramine twice daily on an empty stomach with a full glass of water as directed on the label instructions daily for three months.  The capsules are slightly larger than standard supplements but even with my swallowing issues I was able to get the gel caps down, usually on the first try. 

During the first week of Theramine, I experienced a slight spike in my gastrointestinal symptoms; However, by week two these symptoms faded as with each dose my pain perception improved. I began to look forward taking my Theramine, intuitively knowing when it was time to take my next dose. I experienced no cognitive impairment from Theramine, a refreshing experience considering most all of my prescribed medications have the opposite effect.

In combination with other adjunctive therapies and medical management, I reduced the amount of narcotic pain medication needed to get my pain level to a “manageable” level. Before starting Theramine, I was using unhealthy amounts of Ibuprofen trying to control pain not covered by my narcotic pain reliever. As I phased out the damaging doses of Ibuprofen, TMedPharma’s Theramine formula made my pain more manageable without gut deadening doses of PRN (as needed) medications. 

After three weeks using Theramine, my joint pain started taking less of my attention. I stopped having such intense pain allodynia and started to enjoy hugs again. Over the course of 3 months on Theramine therapy, I started painting again for the first time since before Christmas 2015 as my pain levels improved. Eventually, I started engaging in my physical therapy more actively with less pain overall. My narcotic prescription pain relievers went from monthly refills to every two months!  I still hurt but somehow it was less overpowering than it was before Theramine. Lesser pain levels are tremendously helpful for my mood and ability to more actively and presently enjoy life!

Sentra AMSentra PM to Improve Energy Levels and Mental Clarity

The combination of Sentra AM and PM work synergistically to regulate neurotransmitters responsible for energy, cognition, mood and sleep patterns. Sentra AM treats Fatigue and Cognitive disorders while Sentra PM treats Sleep Disorders. Both formulas work concurrently, treating these specific conditions as metabolic disorders thereby providing the body with important amino acids often lacking in the chronically ill body whether it be from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue/ME, Fibromyalgia or disorders of the biliary system. Sentra AM and Sentra PM is specially designed to break the chronic fatigue, brain fog, insomnia cycle.

Sentra AM

Click here to buy Senta Am from TMedPharma
Senta AM is a specially formulated Medical Food product, consisting of a proprietary formulation of amino acids and polyphenol ingredients in specific proportions, for the dietary management of the metabolic processes associated with fatigue and cognitive disorders. (FCD)


Sentra AM’s propriety formula takes from natural sources of amino acids to improve energy levels and reduce mental fatigue. Each therapeutic ingredient below is linked with WebMD as an outside source for the efficacy of the Sentra AM blend.

Click here to learn more about Sentra AM!
“Patients with fatigue and cognitive disorders may require an increased amount of certain amino acids that cannot be obtained from normal diet alone.”

Also contains the following “inactive” ingredients, as fillers, excipients, and colorings: Gelatin, vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, lac-resin, carmine

Sentra AM is formulated to restore balance in neurotransmitters gone wild due to amino acid deficiencies. These wide-ranging effects include neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction, poor sleep patterns, deregulated elimination routines and decreased levels of arousal due to an overall fatigue within the body as the constant barrage of inappropriate flight or flight responses wreaks havoc on an already impaired system.

Sounds perfect for the reality that is Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome!

To read more on the science and mechanisms behind Sentra AM see TMEDPharm’s package insert PDF file on the website.

Sentra PM

Click here to Purchase Sentra PM
Sentra PM is a specially formulated Medical Food product, consisting of a proprietary formulation of amino acids and polyphenol ingredients in specific proportions, for the dietary management of the metabolic processes associated with sleep disorders. (SD).


Also contains the following “inactive” ingredients, as fillers, excipients, and colorings: Gelatin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Silicon Dioxide, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Cellulose

Sentra PM balances deregulated levels of serotonin and acetylcholine, two neurotransmitters implicated in chronic sleep problems including sleep problems related to depression, snoring, circadian rhythm disturbances along with general insomnia and sleep maintenance disorders.  The Journal of Central Nervous System Disorders also published a study “Sentra PM (a Medical Food) and Trazodone in the Management of Sleep Disorders” with results indicating Sentra PM was just as effective if not more than Trazodone for the management of chronic sleep disorders and chronic fatigue syndromes.

Click to Visit TMedPharma's Website for More Information on Sentra PM
Click to Visit TMedPharma’s Website for More Information on Sentra PM

What sets Sentra PM apart from Sentra AM is the addition of 5-HTP in a 95% extract derived from Griffonia Seed. This tryptophan precursor is well known for its benefits of inducing a long, restful sleep. Think of how it feels after a big Thanksgiving dinner as the Turkey’s tryptophan works to put everyone in a Tryptophan slumber. Sentra PM works like this to help with sleep problems except without all the meat, gluten, and other likely offenders in the traditional Thanksgiving day spread.

My Experience with using Sentra AM & Sentra PM

The combination of TMedPharma’s Sentra protocol was the perfect adjunct to the pain relieving effect of Theramine. Just like I anticipated my doses of Theramine so did I with the Sentra AM and PM because of the benefits provided. I experienced better waking energy and improved sleeping patterns within the first week. Before I started therapy, I was getting less than 3 hours of interrupted sleep at night. By the end of the trial that number increased to 8-10 hours most nights with less wakefulness or sudden starts from me biting down on my tongue or waking up with breathlessness. As a result, I took fewer naps during daytime then before starting these therapies.

I experienced an incredible improvement in the frequency and severity of my long time issues with drenching night sweats. The incidents reduced to a couple times a month from every single night! My worsening issues with swallowing fluids into my lungs and getting food/medications/supplements stuck in my throat improved after three weeks of therapy as did my nausea which I was treating around the clock with antiemetic medications. Best of all, my mood lightened along with the intensity of my brain fog. With these improvements, I got out of bed and into my wheelchair more often, something I wasn’t doing regularly before I began TMedPharma’s Protocol.

According to the study published in the Journal of Central Nervous System Disorders “Administration of an Amino Acid–Based Regimen for the Management of Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction Related to Combat-Induced Illnesstherapy with Sentra AM and Sentra PM improved sleep and mental clarity for participants diagnosed with PTSD and Gulf War Syndrome. Those who know me best know the monstrous struggles my relationship with PTSD causes. While I am at terms with my multiple traumas, I still might get sucked into a disassociative episode very easily.

What I retrospectively note is after one month of using Sentra AM and PM,  I could better recognize when a disassociative episode was brewing. This helped me take measures to soften the response into something more functional than staring into space for hours with tear-swelled eyes. I felt my overactive stress response settle down to a more manageable level so I could at least leave home without freaking out at every little thing as much as I was before starting this phenomenal amino acid supplementation.

My Overall Experience & Results with TMedPharm’s Protocol 

I underwent a three month trial with this product, beginning in August. At the start and in the months prior to the protocol, I didn’t have “good” days. Using TMedPharma’s protocol improved the frequency and intensity of my headaches and migraines, my elimination patterns became more manageable and my appetite improved! My difficulty swallowing and incidences of aspirating fluids into my lungs stopped happening as frequently. When I started the protocol, I was only getting three hours of sleep most nights and now my rest is adequate most nights. Although I still struggle with the effects of my multiple illnesses, the notable improvements are evidenced by my using less as needed medications for pain, nausea, sleep, and constipation.

Within 2 weeks of using this protocol, my severe to life-threatening constipation eased back off to a severe to moderate case. I felt stronger in my mental faculties as opposed to before starting the protocol when I was easier to overwhelmed and quicker to agitate. I felt so many reactive processes in my body calming down during the course of medical food therapy with TMedPharm’s protocol. While I am not healed the change in my condition compared to months ago cannot be denied. My entire family noted differences within a short time of being on this regimen.

Perhaps, the most interesting thing to report on my trial of TMedPharma’s Protocol for chronic fatigue, chronic pain, cognitive impairment and sleep disturbance is once my trial ended (3 weeks ago as I edit this post for publication). For the service of this blog, I held off reordering the protocol until I could see how I felt once I withdrew these medical foods. My symptoms are creeping back up in intensity levels a little more each week passes by without these supplements. With the increase in symptoms, my PRN medication use is increasing. Little symptoms with no attributable cause, like a loud ringing in my ears, came back after a 2-month reprieve. This is one of many examples of the nonspecific symptoms I deal with but experienced improvement by employing TMedPharma’s powerful medical Food amino acid supplements.

Fortunately, withdrawal of the protocol caused no ill effects like I’ve experienced coming off different medications to control my symptoms over the years. After the second month, I contacted the company to share my satisfaction with these products. I also inquired if these helpful supplements, regulated by the FDA, were covered by insurance. A courteous representative of the company contacted me within a few days and said at this time, this protocol isn’t covered by insurances but there are hopes for the future as more people benefit from these chronic illness support supplements. Fortunately, the representative said TMedPharma would work with me to find a price I could afford to continue the protocol!

My final verdict on TMedPharma’s Theramine, Sentra AM & Sentra PM protocol is these medical foods supply exactly what my chronically ill body lacks with fantastic results!

Theramine significantly reduced my multi-leveled, wide-spread pain while Sentra AM & PM worked to improve my energy levels while reducing my stress from poor sleep and brain fog. I gained fifteen pounds total while on the protocol, which was a blessing as I teetered frighteningly close to requiring full-time nutritional support via parenteral or enteral feedings.

Overall, the collection of chronic illness issues in tow with EDS, POTS, and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency were better managed under the benefits of TMedPharma’s protocol for treating the underlying amino acid deficiencies associated with chronic disease.

Click here to learn more about Theramine, Sentra AM and Sentra PM directly from TMedPharma’s website!

Thanks for reading my review of TMedPharma’s Theramine for chronic pain and Sentra AM & PM for chronic fatigue and cognitive dysfunction! As a Chronic Illness Lifestyle blogger, I review only exceptional products in my Chronic Product Review Series: Products to Improve the Quality of Chronic Illness Life!

My goal is to provide valuable information thru chronic illness product reviews whilst intertwining the account of my EDS history and diagnosis. My hope is my work will serve as a beacon to the undiagnosed Zebras looking for examples of Zebra life as well as providing diagnosed Zebras with real erudition on the innumerable goods marketed to those enduring chronic disease and debility.

While an EDS diagnosis doesn’t include a cure, employing multiple strategies improves quality of life, invariably improving the overall prognosis of this insidious process. My mission at Only in this Head is providing sincere product reviews the chronic illness community can trust❤

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Product to Improve the Quality of Chronic Illness Life | Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | Chronic Product Review Series | [Image Description: High res image of a female sleeping on a couch in front of a large window. The Blog Title and Series Title overlay the Photo]
Product to Improve the Quality of Chronic Illness Life | Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | Chronic Product Review Series | [Image Description: High res image of a female sleeping on a couch in front of a large window. The Blog Title and Series Title overlay the Photo]

Chronic Illness Bloggers Network Presents A SUPER MASSIVE HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY!!!

Since joining up with the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network ran by Julie Ryan of Counting My Spoons, I can’t tell others experiencing illness enough about the benefits of being a chronic illness blogger. In less than a year, my membership connected me with a number of brands offering premium products to help manage the woes of my Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Not only that but my website stats steadily increase each month ticking by since joining. I connect with a number of Chronic Illness Bloggers via the network and enjoy working with Julie on campaigns as she is always ready and willing to help as needed. it is an absolutely phenomenal experience!

For the holiday season, Chronic Illness Bloggers Network is hosting a SUPER MASSIVE GIVEAWAY with prize packages comprised of useful products for managing chronic illness life! I personally reviewed a few prizes here for my series Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome’s Chronic Product Reviews with great results!

This post is a sponsored giveaway post for Chronic Illness Bloggers. Please see the end of this post for a list of sponsors and links.
Please see Only In this Head’s Disclosure Page for more information.
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Chronic Illness Blogger SUPER MASSIVE Holiday Giveaway | | Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | [Image Description: Photo of a rectangular present wrapped in red paper with accents of golden and green leaves. There is a yellow bow on the top of the box. The background is white. The article and blog title overlay the article. Noted are four stars with text written over: 1. Runs 11.21.2016 to 12.03.2016 – 2. Free to Enter – 3. 11 Different Prize Packages – 4. Packages valued at $400-$600 USD. Underneath the present in black text reads: Details & Entry Inside.] Click the picture above to enter the Giveaway via Rafflecopter!!!

Quality products from The Fay FarmSYLK’s All Natural Personal Lubricant, and in the near future my review of the Gupta Program for Anxiety and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities are just a few of the many prizes in these giveaway packs I can attest to but I particularly excited to see the Osaka Pain Device as well as the Posture Pump® Dual Disc Hydrator®! There are books, gift cards, consultations and more!

Improving the quality of that chronic illness life is always the goal and these products shine when it comes to bettering the day-to-day! With sponsors and prizes included in these packs donated by Chronic Illness Blogger Members, this giveaway a precedent benefit to the community I am overjoyed to share with my readers!

Entry is simple and free! Like all things in life should be!

There are ELEVEN DIFFERENT PRIZE PACKAGES available, with each collection valued at $400-600 USD!

This event is only available everyone; however, packages ten and eleven are only available to US-based participants. Winners are chosen at random via Rafflecopter.

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Below I’ve listed each prize package, including each prize and contributor for ease of accessibility.

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My Visbiome Probiotic Review for IBS Management

Counting My SpoonsIn my Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, the gastrointestinal implications of this rarely diagnosed condition are difficult to disregard.

Over the course of time, my non-specfic GI disorder diagnoses piled up:

IBS, leaky gut, GERD, intestinal obstructions, ileus, malabsorption with malnutrition, metabolic syndrome, Sphincter of Oddi Disorder, Cholecystitis with Cholecystectomy, Chronic Pancreatitis, major gastric surgery to correct post-surgical complications, anastomosis of the small bowel, eosinophilic gastritis, dysphagia, severe nausea, vomiting and more.
There is no cure for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, only management strategies.
In my experience with EDS, taking extra special care of myself from a multifaceted approach is integral to survival.

Where the average Jo only needs a healthy diet, exercise, and controlled lifestyle factors to thrive, those tactics are simply not enough to balance the disharmony created in my life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. My GI history and current symptoms related to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome stands as the greatest example of the possible complications this genetic disorder is capable of manifesting.

Almost a decade ago, back before I knew about the connection between my symptoms and underlying EDS diagnosis, I underwent extensive testing to find the cause of all my gastrointestinal issues. The results showed an absence good gut bacteria.

The human gut contains countless microbes responsible for aiding digestion and defending the body against attack from pathogenic microbes that would overthrow the delicate balance of good gut bacteria. Interestingly enough, my testing also revealed the pH in my gut was not supporting the life of my good bacteria. Further invasive testing revealed Eosinophilic Gastritis. Eventually, my liver and pancreatic enzymes skyrocketed initiating one of the many times in life where my intake by mouth was limited to clear liquids and my nourishment was administered via parenteral nutrition.

Knowing what I know now about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and what is likely undiagnosed Mast Cell Activation Syndrome in my case, the connection to these findings no doctor could explain or attribute to a more global diagnosis until my recent EDS diagnosis is incredibly easy to comprehend. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome makes all of the riddles of my chronic illness life make a lot more sense!

Still, there is no cure and the chance of ending up on tube feedings is a real-life possibility. Taking extra care to supplement what my body cannot sustain on its own keeps me above the water of my disease processes. Probiotics were the very first supplements I was prescribed following the aforementioned testing results.

Obviously, if good gut bacteria are MIA, supplementing with probiotics helps restore balance within the system. The problem is I struggle with reactions to dairy yogurt and other naturally occurring probiotics in fermented foods such as Sourkrout thus creating a situation in which my diet cannot serve as medicine. To make matters worse, the struggle to swallow foods and severe nausea often limit my ability to intake adequate nutrients, let alone worry about getting probiotics naturally from my diet.

I’ve tried countless probiotic supplements over the years with less than satisfactory results. That led me to further research indicating an effective probiotic supplement contains multiple live cultures and requires refrigeration to maintain integrity. I can’t say how many brands I tried but I can say ZERO followed the aforementioned guidelines on effective probiotic supplementation.

In recent years, I took to getting my probiotics in Kombucha, an expensive fermented drink with a vinegar base costing almost $5USD a two-serving-bottle at the grocery. This is not a fiscally feasible solution for the daily dietary management of IBS! What’s more, Kombucha only supplies a few strains of live bacteria. Of course, with my nausea, drinking the strong, vinegary brew that is Kombucha is not always possible. Still, every time, within ten minutes of sipping on a Kombucha, I feel and hear my gut wake up from it’s EDS nap!

Getting in good probiotics, whether due to dietary issues or trying to find an efficacious supplement, is travail. When the chance to review Visbiome Medical Food Probiotic Supplement came up from the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network, I responded with interest as soon as possible! I was looking to exchange my expensive Kombucha habit for simple, cost-effective, quality probiotic supplement.

After reading about Visbiome’s formula containing eight different strains of live bacteria, I felt confident Visbiome might help me better manage my constant battle with IBS. After trialing this product for the last month, I’m happy to report Visbiome Probiotic is a high end, quality supplement with a powerful potency that helped my GI system in a number of ways!

I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. This review contains affiliate links which earn the author a small commission if utilized. Please see Only in this Head’s Disclosures Page for more details.

My Visbiome Probiotic Review for IBS Management | Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | [Image Description: Stylist Photo Edit with Blog and Article Title overlaid in green; Pictured is the small cooler Visbiome is delivered in, complete with ice packs and the Visbiome High Potency box.]
My Visbiome Probiotic Review for IBS Management | Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | [Image Description: Stylist Photo Edit with Blog and Article Title overlaid in green; Pictured is the small cooler Visbiome is delivered in, complete with ice packs and the Visbiome High Potency box.]
Visbiome High Potency Probiotic is marketed as beneficial in the management of Ulercertavie Colitis, Pouchitis, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 8 different strains of live bacteria distributed among the 112.5 BILLION bacteria contained within just one capsule!

Click here to Purchase Visbiome on Amazon!

Visbiome is termed as a Medical Food which means the FDA regulates this product under the same conditions imposed upon foods.

As a Medical Food, Visbiome is “…specially formulated and intended for the dietary management of a disease that has distinctive nutritional needs that cannot be met by normal diet alone.”

Visbiome recommends working with a trusted physician or specialist when using this supplement and provides resources to better assist health care providers in prescribing Probiotics. This formulation of Visbiome doesn’t require a prescription and is unlikely covered by most insurances; however, Visbiome Extra Strength is exclusively available by prescription. Please see Visibiome’s FAQs page for more thorough information. Noted, the

Noted, the De Simone Formulation contained in this probiotic is backed by 60+ research studies indicating this product works!

My Experience Using Visbiome

My trial of Visbiome High Potency Probiotic Medical Food was delivered in a small cooler with ice packs to keep the product at the right temperature to maintain the integrity of the formula. Visbiome should be stored in the refrigerator to maintain maximum potency. Fortunately, the cultures contained in Visbiome remain active for one week without refrigeration making it easy to add this supplement to my medication planner.

The instructions for dosages and frequency is to work with a trusted physician to find a protocol that works best with my specific condition with the least amount of side effects. Visbiome also recommends physician monitoring with therapy. My doctor was unhelpful in this situation but not opposed to my using the supplement. I followed the package insert recommendation for Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 2-4 capsules daily and took a divided dose with 2 capsules in the morning and two capsules at night.

Immediately, I noticed a difference!

Much like my expensive Kombucha jumpstarts my gut into action, so does Visbiome High Potency Probiotic Medical Food without the hefty cost! Comparing the price of five Kombuchas a week ($25 USD) to one bottle of Visbiome ($50 USD a month), saving that $50 USD a month makes the harsh expenses associated with managing chronic illness life a little less salty! —

After only -a week of therapy, my bowels began to look healthy!?! I experienced much less strain from my predominant IBS issue with constipation. On days when I forgot to take the supplement, my system reacted with watery diarrhea, slowed motility and severe dyspepsia. Reintroducing the supplement corrected these discomforts within 24 hours.

There was some bloating with this product but this is an expected side effect noted in the informational leaflet accompanying the Visbiome product. The only problem I have with Visbiome is it contains milk. I react to dairy in cheese, yogurt, and cow’s milk so I avoid these foods. However, many of my medications contain small amounts of dairy which I take without notable reactions. In my experience over the month trial of Visbiome, the dairy contained in the product was not enough lactose at 0.1 gram per 100 grams to cause my system to react like it does with actual dairy foods. Visbiome is also gluten free for which I am grateful as gluten causes my system reactions.

In the course of the 30-day therapy with Visbiome Probiotic Medical Food, my appetite improved and I felt more nourished from food! My quick to fail GI system is running a more routine toileting schedule with better results and less upset. To successful manage this incurable, chronically debilitating process,  it takes a multifaceted approach, incomplete without Probiotic Therapy! Visbiome delivers a potent formulation of beneficial bacteria to make up for what my body can’t maintain at a price that won’t break the bank. For treating IBS secondary to my diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Visbiome Probiotic Medical Food worked wonders for me!

Click here to purchase VISBIOME™ High Potency Probiotic

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Finding Life’s Silver Sun

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Thanks for reading my review of

Visbiome’s Medical Food Probiotic Supplement!

This review is a part of the ongoing series here at Only in this Head: Chronic Illness with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in which I highlight exceptional products for managing chronic illness life.

My goal is to provide valuable information thru chronic illness product reviews whilst intertwining the account of my EDS history and diagnosis. My hope is my work will serve as a beacon to the undiagnosed Zebras looking for examples of Zebra life as well as providing diagnosed Zebras with real erudition on the innumerable goods marketed to those enduring chronic disease and debility.

While an EDS diagnosis doesn’t include a cure, employing multiple strategies improves quality of life, invariably improving the overall prognosis of this insidious process. My mission at Only in this Head is providing sincere product reviews the chronic illness community can trust <3

Please subscribe here for email updates to this site and check out my other chronic illness product reviews here!

Have a blessed day!


Got an exceptional chronic illness product?

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Upgrade Your IBS Symptom Management Plan With the Luxe Bidet Neo 185

To try the Luxe Bidet was a dream come true!

Prior to demoing this product my only bidet experience was of virtual quality in one of the first tomb raider games. After I found out what the bidet was, I pondered why this practice isn’t typical in my country (USA). I put away the thought concluding “only the rich have bidets” and never came across a bidet again until the offer to review the Luxe Bidet Neo 185 popped up on my chronic illness dashboard.

I basically answered the survey for the campaign with a “HECK YES! PLEASE LET ME REVIEW THIS BIDET!
There are many symptoms in tow with chronic illness life but none affecting my quality of life like my longstanding diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

My experience with IBS is best described as mixed, both with a constant level of irritability and frequent flares on both sides of the spectrum with this common diagnosis. Either way, irritable fails to accurately describe my experience with IBS. If I could change the name of this diagnosis I would call it Agitated Bowel Syndrome because it is beyond the point of irritable when it affects so many aspects!  From medical diets, medications and special toilet paper after using the loo, living with IBS affects life massively. The Luxe Bidet is a lovely addition to the many tools I use to make Chronic Illness Life with IBS (and Ehlers-Danlos Syndromea little less crappy!

Horrible pun intend!

I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. This post also contains affiliate links which earn the author a small commission if utilized. For more information please see the Disclosures Page.

Using the Luxe Bidet Neo 185 was an interesting experience, to say the least!

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It took a few tries to get accustomed  but right away I noted several benefits beyond the fact of my bum getting a rinse anytime I use the lavatory.

For starters, just like others with IBS and Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, my issues with hemorrhoids started early. When those things are flaring, it is impossible to use toilet paper without more pain, irritation and possible damage to an area of already impaired integrity. Flushable wet wipes are expensive, hard on the environment and the relief is ineffective considering the cost.

The Luxe Bidet Neo 185 is a game changer, negating the use of toilet paper to only drying the area after cleaning rather than being responsible for the whole job.

Take a scoop of ice cream and drop it on the pavement.
Next, try to clean it up with toilet tissue.
This method is about as effective as using toilet tissue to handle the mess left over from IBS!


[Image Description: Vanilla ice cream cone splattered on pavement]

Thanks to the Luxe Bidet Neo 185, my problems surrounding IBS and toileting hygiene no longer get me down. Even better, I no longer need to purchase special wipes to deal with IBS flares and my hemorrhoid discomfort improved considerably! An unexpected benefit I found using the Luxe Bidet Neo 185  in relation to my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome diagnosis is I am not dislocating my shoulder girdle as often during clean-ups! This is a BIG WIN for a Medical Zebra who dislocates just rolling over in bed! The phenomena happens all too often for reasons beyond my control but anything I can do to reduce the occurrences is a welcome strategy!

Using the Luxe Bidet Neo 185 routinely makes me feel cleaner daily and furthermore in between showers. There are many days when my chronic illness life includes an overall flare of symptoms and showering is simply out of the question unless I want to aggravate my dysautonomia, faint or even worse: end up in the hospital. No fun! Believe me when I tell you that! My Luxe Bidet Neo 185 helps me feel fresh through those not-so-fresh times, energy depleted times! Employing a bidet in my routines decreases the energy expenditure on hygiene, saving it for other, more interesting activities. I cannot tell friends and family enough about the bidet benefits and how they should invest in one to experiencing the benefits!

The Luxe Bidet Company provides several different bidet models, all with an affordable price tag!

Click here to purchase the Luxe Bidet Neo 320 – Self Cleaning Dual Nozzle – Hot and Cold Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment

The Luxe Bidet Neo 185 is less than $50 with a no-hassle install making thee bidet benefits well within reach for almost anyone. My hubs isn’t the greatest with tools and fixing things around  the house but he tries! He installed this unit in less than twenty minutes without  any difficulty besides figuring out how to modify the installation to accommodate my over-the-commode accessibility seating. With a few height adjustments to my chair, I was in business!  The unit uninstalls just as easily as it installs so there are no worries about the fact we rent our home and a permanent installation would violate the terms of our lease!

This unit comes with two adjustable settings, proving dual streams and alternating levels of water pressure! The self-cleaning features keep the nozzles free of debris and are easy to activate with the flip of a dial. While finding the right level of water-pressure took a few tries, I was thoroughly impressed with the functionality and quality of this bidet add-on. After two months of multiple daily uses, the unit’s integrity continues without leaks or any issues for that matter!  Each little intervention employed to support the processes at work adds up to a better quality of life and my demo of the Luxe Bidet Neo 185 makes a notable improvement.

The instructions are easy: Select your setting, turn on the water with a gradual pressure-increasing, easy-to-turn knob, wash areas for as long as needed and dab dry with toilet tissue. It takes no more time than my previous routines and saves so much in the long run! I’ll never go back to my archaic toileting routines after using the Luxe Bidet Neo 185!  I love having this system to help manage the ever-so-uncomfortable effects of my disease process at one of the most intimate aspects of the quandary!  For the price, durability, portability and high quality provided in Luxe Bidet Neo 185 series, I give this product 100% Spoonie Approval for improving quality of life!

Whether you are looking to better manage the effects of chronic disease or just looking to take hygiene practices to the next level, the Luxe Bidet Neo 185 is designed to impress and you won’t be disappointed!

Benefits of the Luxe Bidet Neo 185: Save money on toilet paper! Save money on special toilet wipes! Save time and energy! Feel cleaner in between showers! Less irritation! Dislocate less (EDS specific benefit)! Easy to clean unit! No hassle install! Easy to uninstall so the unit moves with you! Will work with over-the commode accessibility seating! Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Benefits of the Luxe Bidet Neo 185: Save money on toilet paper! Save money on special toilet wipes! Save time and energy! Feel cleaner in between showers! Less irritation! Dislocate less (EDS specific benefit)! Easy to clean unit! No hassle install! Easy to uninstall so the unit moves with you! Will work with over-the-commode accessibility seating! Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Thanks for reading my product review of the Luxe Bidet Neo 185! Here at Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome I highlight products used to improve the quality of my chronic illness life. My sincere hope is by providing my reviews within the communities online others will be connected with effective solutions for managing the multiple issues in tow with EDS while raising awareness on the many “idiopathic” conditions that stack up to an EDS possibility.

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My Experience with HoneyColony's Superior CBD Oil for EDS Related Symptoms

Here at Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, part of my mission in raising EDS awareness is spotlighting goods and services created to enhance quality of life in respect to this incurable, chronic disease and associated conditions.

I’m dedicated to providing sincere, informative reviews to my readership and community. When considering the purchase of adjunctive therapies to manage chronic symptoms, the choices are overwhelming! By demoing new products and providing my review within the community, my hope is to help connect my readers with the right products to improve the quality of chronic illness life.

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I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. This post also contains affiliate links for which I earn a commission from if utilized. Please see the Disclosures Page for more details.


When the opportunity to review HoneyColony’s Superior CBD Oil presented, I jumped on the campaign excitedly, with a quickness!

HoneyColony is a holistic wellness magazine and online marketplace providing high-quality, organic and wild-crafted products to improve health and wellness. Consumers connect with the HoneyColony’s team through a community blog allowing forum discussion on experiences with using HoneyColony products.

HoneyColony’s mission is “to unite the growing number of people adopting healthy lifestyles and seeking to cut through the hype and claims about natural products and remedies.” The company’s business model simply derives from the lessons of the worker bees caring for the queen and hive, ensuring all partners serve the greater goal of sustaining the integrity of HoneyColony Products!
Maryam Henein, CEO/ Editor In Cheif at HoneyColony and the producer of the award-winning documentary Vanishing of the Bees
Maryam Henein, CEO/ Editor In Cheif at HoneyColony and the producer of the award-winning documentary Vanishing of the Bees reached out to me when I joined HoneyColony’s Affiliate program. She gave me a warm welcome as well as an invitation to ask more questions about her results using various HoneyColony’s supplements. We shared our chronic illness stories along with techniques to manage symptoms more holistically.
Maryam asserts she is “curing” her Autoimmune Disorder in the title of her book “Learn How One Digital Nomad is Curing her Autoimmune Disorder” available on Amazon for purchase or for FREE with a Kindle unlimited subscription (Get 1 month free here!). Her work is a great introduction to managing chronic disease with holistic health approach. Using the holistic products offered at the HoneyColony Marketplace, Maryam is a motivated, inspirational journalist managing the peaks and troughs of her autoimmune disease successfully via the all natural symptom management route.

In my own experience, taking the steps to avoid processed foods, unnatural additives and paying particular attention to the nutrient quality of food I put in my body made a notable difference in my health over the years so the point I thought I was “cured!” My gastrointestinal symptoms only disabled me one week a month and I regained endurance and better control of my chronic neck, back, and joint pain after spending several years working on a dedicated Yoga and meditation practice.

Yet, even with my many health seeking behaviors and practices, my chronic health issues were never far behind, tracking my trail, and waiting for the opportune moment of physical and/or mental lassitude to take hold of my perceived wellness and re-ignite my body into HAVOC MODE. In my Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, I get more quality of life by recognizing and avoiding both physical and emotional triggers known discombobulate my system. I also accept sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for chronic illness flares.

Spoiler Alert! Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for a chronic illness flare.
Spoiler Alert! Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for a chronic illness flare. | Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Employing holistic strategies to manage symptoms and pains helps in ways my prescription medications fall short. Living well with EDS, POTS, and associated cohort diagnoses in my own case means reducing the occurrence and intensity of these progressively disabling flares. This becomes not only a lifestyle choice but a necessity of survival in my own case. Learning my flare triggers thru listening to my body’s reactions was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself in my entire life dealing with these insidious illnesses. My symptom management takes a multifaceted approach including medical management, adjunctive therapies, self-love, self-discovery, intensive research, and willingness to try new things!

HoneyColony offers many products to manage the symptoms of chronic disease! The marketplace stocks an extensive spectrum of goods specifically blended to promote a better quality of chronic illness life by means of nutritional supplementation with organic, wildcrafted and meticulously concocted formulas purposed to improve the body’s natural abilities to handle stress, pain, and many more chronic symptoms.

Honey Colony’s Superior CBD Oil was a special treat added to my arsenal of interventions in managing my chronic symptoms related to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and POTS. I experienced ZERO side effects and only relief of symptoms using this product. Best of all, I reduced my use of my as-needed opioid medication! One thing is certain: The more medications needed to manage my symptoms the more side effects endured, notably when it comes to prescription pain management.

My sluggish gastrointestinal system falls straight to sleep when treating my pain with”as needed” medication. While using HoneyColony’s Superior CBD Oil, I managed to get to a bearable level with only using my opioid 1-2 times daily compared to the previous three to four.

This is awesome considering I rate my average overall, daily “pain” in the moderate to severe range. My trial of Honey Colony’s Superior CBD Oil  went immensely well!

The water-based formula’s taste is distinguished, conducting a robust, ambrosial floral taste I personally adore. This unique flavor is achieved through CBD oil and a proprietary blend of several other organic botanical compounds, each with agonist benefits to potentiate the influence of CBD in the body.

Because proprietary blends are not mandated by the FDA to list the exact amounts of the compounds used and only the total, I will stress the importance of consulting a trusted practitioner to ensure this product is safe for use with any prescription medications and individual health conditions.

HoneyColony Superior CBD Hemp Oil
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What Does it take to make a CBD Oil Superior?

HoneyColony took extra care in formulating a complex, herbal supplement designed to treat many common chronic illness problems as evidenced in the following summary of benefits provided by the ingredients of this Superior CBD oil formula.

HoneyColony’s Superior CBD Oil leaves no pathway in the body untouched by its benefits.

Propriety Botanical Compound Extract

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HoneyColony’s propriety botanical compound extract of 800mg is “equal to 200mg of dry botanical material” per the information label. Each of these botanicals potentiate the powerful properties of the CBD hemp oil, agonistically exponentiating the benefits contained in HoneyColony’s Superior formula.

It is important to note HoneyColony states a disclaimer on this herbal supplement there is a possibility using this product may result in a positive drug test for THC such as eating poppy seeds can cause one to test positive for opiates.

Honey Colony’s Superior CBD Oil carries 250 MG of “wild-crafted” CBD. Per The Free Medical Dictiotionay, the term wild-crafted defines “ the practice of collecting medicinally beneficial plants directly from their natural habitat as opposed to cultivating them in a greenhouse or on a farm.”

I intensely relish the science and practice behind herbalism, foraging and naturally cultivated gardens because these sustainable practices are effective in many instances of managing the symptoms of chronic illness. Herbalism is a centuries old practice standing as the first prototype of medicine before medicine became a business. There are prescriptions medications I couldn’t live without but as much as possible, in my own journey, I prefer using quality nutritional supplements to manage the mass effect of my collective levels of illness. HoneyColony’s offering of Superior CBD Oil aligns right with my own personal philosophies in approaching symtpom management for incurable disease.

These Ingredients, Though!

Sichuan Teasel Root

Sichuan Teasel Root

Over at, Sichuan Teasel Root is attributed to ancient Chinese medicine.

The root is used medicinally to remedy skeletal and smooth muscle spasms, decrease inflammatory pain, improve the integrity of tissues and decrease bleeding tendencies.

Evidence shows efficacy for treating lower back pain, polyuria, menstrual difficulties and more!


Dan Shen Root 

Dan Shen Root

According to WebMD, Dan Shen Root dilates blood vessels and acts as a blood thinner combating an array of circulatory issues, notably stroke and tachycardia. Dan Shen is also noted as effective for many dermatological issues.

Because of the circulatory impact this root produces, Dan Shen is not recommended for someone on medications that thin out blood, such as the popular anticoagulants Aspirin, Plavix or Coumadin. This could cause a potentially life-threatening drug interactions so discussing using HoneyColony’s Superior CBD Oil is imperative as with any proprietary blend.

Astragalus root

Astragalus Root

The almighty Dr. Oz features this root for its ability to reinforce immunity and aid the body in maintaining balance during times of stress.

Stress comes in a variety of different forms but astragalus root is recognized to relieve both physical and psychological stressors via several critical pathways. Not only is this compound an antioxidant, reducing the risk for tumor growth but it also promotes anti-inflammatory relief and enhanced cardiovascular health.

 White Peony Root

White Peony Root

Yet another powerful compound used in medicine for centuries, the WebMD report on White Peony Root says this medicinal compound is used for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidant benefits. The gamut of conditions benefited by White Peony Root includes relief from osteoarthritis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, muscle spasms and more!

It is of utmost importance to note White Peony Root should not be used during pregnancy as it is also known to cause abortion. It should also be avoided during breastfeeding as too little information is available to proclaim safe use.

White Peony is also contraindicated with anticoagulant therapy, NSAID use and when used in conjuncture with Dilantin, an anti-seizure medication, the root decreases blood concertations of Dilantin which increases the risk of seizures.

Otherwise, White Peony Root is considered “possibly safe” for short term use to reduce pain, decrease risks for cancer and reduce inflammatory processes.



Propolis is a resin collected from certain trees by bees and harvested via the hive. The use of this resin is a centuries-old practice with common mentions in history for treatment of bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoa infections with its natural antimicrobial chemistry.

WebMd speaks to modern day uses such as treating canker sores, outbreaks of genital herpes and even H.Pylori, the bacteria responsible for peptic ulcer disease. This compound is not known to interact with other supplements or medicines but caution is warranted if on any anti-coagulant medications or in those allergic to bees. Otherwise, this is a great antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory compound generally recognized as safe for use.

Bitter Orange Peel

Bitter Orange Peel aka Chinese Bitter Orange

The benefits of this component are vast with the ability to increase appetite; however, speeding the body’s metabolism to enhance weight loss.

Bitter Orange Peel is used to treat gastrointestinal disorders, type 2 diabetes as well as improving circulation but at this time WebMD reports the botanical’s efficacy is “only proven to treat dermatologic fungal infections, such as athletes foot or ringworm.”

There is a serious drug interaction possible with Bitter Orange Peel when used concurrently with MAOI antidepressants and Versed (a common anesthetic used for “twilight sedation” during minimally invasive surgical procedures). In addition to this adverse interaction, there is a long list of possible medications and supplements that interact with this compound. I suggest checking the link out before ordering.

Vegetable Glycerin

Also known as Glycerol, Vegetable Glycerin is a naturally-occurring chemical used in many medicines and products. WebMD reports Glycerol is an approved treatment for constipation. There are no known side effects or drug interactions known for glycerol so it is recognized as generally safe for use.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is used in this product because the distillation process eliminates many impurities which would lessen the potency of other ingredients.

Cannabidiol-Rich Hemp Oil

The star of the show!

If you’ve not heard of CBD, let me formally introduce you to this potent component of cannabis legally, available, non-psychoactive and perfect to supplement the body’s natural endocannabinoid system

HoneyColony Superior CBD Hemp Oil

CBD is stepping into the limelight in chronic illness world providing a level and means of pain alleviation distinctive to opioids and non-narcotic prescriptions to manage chronic pain. While CBD is the non-psychoactive component of marijuana, it still  induces a state of improved mental focus, decreased anxiety, reduced pain as well as providing the body with important antioxidants to combat inflammatory processes gone awry.

The science of the endocannabinoid system is an exciting discovery for cannabis activists. The buzz on CBD benefits is impossible to ignore as more people come forward declaring relief and reduced use of opioids and other medications by employing CBD therapies. In a time when chronic pain patients are threatened with the further prohibition of opioids for chronic pain management, CBD is offering an alternative route of relief to people across the world.

CBD products provide an option for those who do not want the “buzz” created by the THC portion of the cannabis plant but want the benefit from the other properties offered in this medicinal compound. Reports from around the world indicate relief of nausea, improved cellular function, improved communications on neural pathways and more! In areas where medical marijuana is not yet legally available, CBD products offer a legally available solution. HoneyColony’s Superior CBD Oil is currently available for purchase in the USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, Australia, and in U.K.

CBD Research

According to the research study “Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD)” by Ethan B. Russo published in the Neuroendocrinology Letters 29.2 (2008) “Migraine, fibromyalgia, IBS and related conditions display common clinical, biochemical and pathophysiological patterns that suggest an underlying clinical endocannabinoid deficiency that may be suitably treated with cannabinoid medicines. What this means for those of us potentialling living with this deficicieny is we are likely to benefit with more effective symptom relief through supplementing the endocannabinoid deficiency. The evidence endorses restoration of the body’s natural homeostasis, improving ability to manage stresses with an overall result of increased wellness.

This evidence is particularly interesting to my case as I recently received my raw genetic data to reference and found several gene mutations connected to research on Endocannabinoid Deficiency. Symptoms of CECD are inclusive of the very same ailments we live through daily with chronic symptom conditions. Russo’s study found supplementation improves these problems with cannabidiol-containing medicines.

While CBD supplements are still labeled as nutritional supplements, WEBMD reports because CBD is under intensive research for manufacturing it as a prescription, the FDA does not consider CBD as an actual nutritional supplement. This growing body of evidence shows efficacy in using CBD to treat chronic pain, nausea, poor appetite, mood disorders and there is even a great deal of research indicating CBD’s anti-psychoactive action is helping those living with schizophrenia get better symptom management!

At the three week mark of using HoneyColony’s Superior CBD Oil, I told my hubs the only thing I didn’t like was that it was almost gone!

Experience Full Spectrum Health with HoneyColony's Superior CBD Oil
Experience Full Spectrum Health with HoneyColony’s Superior CBD Oil

What I found fascinating about using Honey Colony’s Superior CBD is the longer I used it the more I anticipated each dose. 

With each treatment, my symptoms fell from the forefront of my thoughts. The Superior CBD Oil’s positive effects on my mood, pain level, and anxiety were indisputable, especially once my supply ran out and all those symptoms returned.

Using this CBD botanical blend as a nutritional supplement didn’t “cure” me but while using it I felt like my body was getting what it needs to better manage my symptoms. I enjoyed it because it made me feel better…Whatever that is!

My instructions were to play around with the dose to find relief.

I figured 5 drops, three times daily was a good place to start as I live with a considerable amount of anxiety, pain, insomnia and all the other agonies included with chronic illness life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I felt more productive and energetic than usual and while it didn’t squelch my symptoms into oblivion, Honey Colony’s Superior CBD Oil lessened the difficulties I was having with my elimination patterns, appetite, neuropathic pain  and the generalized all over body pain I experience on a daily basis.

Honey Colony’s Superior CBD Oil was a lovely addition to my symptom management armory for the month I indulged using it! This kicker is the price. While worth every penny and competitive for the market, Honey Colony’s Superior CBD Oil isn’t cheap. Fortunately, HoneyColony provides a variety of money-saving options with purchasing.

For Spoonies choosing to manage chronic illness life holistically with research backed formulations, Honey Colony’s line of CBD and superfood products offers hope for natural relief. In online chronic illness communities, HoneyColony products are making a difference! While CBD products come with a higher price tag, I found HoneyColony’s Superior CBD Oil well worth the cost for the level of symptom relief I experienced while using this supplement! CBD promises hope in the future of chronic symptom management and Honey Colony ‘s Superior CBD Oil is meeting the demand with this high quality, advanced commodity!


Thanks for reading my review of Honey Colony’s Superior CBD Oil! I’d love to hear other’s experiences with CBD oil in the comments below. Here at Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, I provide sincere reviews on products geared towards improving the quality of life in the face of incurable disease processes along with my musings on living a quality life despite the effects of chronic illness.

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HoneyColony Equilibrium Honey and Herbal Superfood

Schwartz BioResearch's Premium Turmeric Review for my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Related Pain + A Give-a-Way!

Schwartz BioResearch offers an array of nutritional supplements helpful to managing all the symptoms in tow with chronic illness. The company promotes using a team of expert physcians and pharmacists working to ensure the supplements provided through Schwartz are “Pharmaceutical grade” supplements. These products are tested by a third party for efficacy and contain 100% safe ingredients in their proprietary blends.

This is a sponsored giveaway post. I was given a bottle of Schwartz BioResearch Premium Ultra Pure Turmeric Curcumin as a gift for promoting this giveaway and this sincere review also contains affiliate links. Please see the Disclosures Page for more information.

For my choice of a free supplement I picked Schwartz BioResearch’s Premium Pure Turmeric Curcumin because I deal with a large ammount of inflammatory pain related to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and my stomach can no longer handle NSAIDS.

In the past, Turmeric was my only treatment for inflammatory pain in my muscles and bones. Anytime I feel inflammation building in my system, I add Turmeric as a supplement or spice to my food to decrease the response.

A grand body of evidence supporting the use of Turmeric as an anti-inflammatory treatment superior to that provided by NSAIDS (Motrin, Aleve, Celebrex) and the popular over-the-counter analgesia Acetaminophen (Tylenol, Parcetamol). Turmeric is less toxic on the liver and more effective in treating the overall process of inflammation gone awry rather than just dulling the first line of defense.

During the three years I avoided medical care, Turmeric was my primary supplement to treat my musculoskeletal pain. Despite having an incurable chronic illness, not yet diagnosed at the time, there were many good days where I felt healthier than ever in my life only using a few supplements to manage my symptoms.

Since the last year with my sudden and progressive decline, medical management is of necessity as it often becomes with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Still, there are too many symptoms to list that my prescriptions fail to cover! Turmeric is a safe, subtle alternative to increasing the amount and dosages of my prescription symptom management.

When contacted by Schwartz BioReseach about promoting the giveaway and getting my choice of a free supplement, it couldn’t have worked out better because my supply was out and the day before it arrived I slipped my shoulder out of place rolling over in bed!

My bottle arrived just in time because by the next day, I could barely move my head and neck or use the arm of the affected shoulder. I added the supplement in with my usual attack plan and in the first day of use I felt it working to loosen up the area around the injury.

After just 2 days of using Schwartz Bio Research’s Premium Turmeric I was able get my shoulder back in place when usually this would be a 7-10 day process of increased oral and topical pain medications, muscle relaxers, an immobilizer and lots of rest!

Maybe I just got lucky this time but after researching more about Schwartz Bio Research’s Premium Turmeric, I believe this supplement really did the trick!

Schwartz BioResearch ‘s Premium Turmeric supplement is more expensive than other brands I used in the past but behind the price of around $18 USD is a guaranteed all natural and allergen-free formula, packing the punch of a hefty 1500mg dose supplied three times a day for the 30 day supply with and additional 10mg of BioPerine (black pepper extract) in each dose to increase the absorption and bio-availability of the Turmeric.

What this means is by adding the black pepper extract, the Turmeric is more readily absorbed into circulation in its most effective form. I believe this claim because within a hour an hour of taking this supplement, I felt a warm thumping at the site of injury and even relief?! By third day using supplement, I was back to my baseline level of musculoskeletal pain and discomfort, perhaps a little less.

I consider this a win.

The pain of frequent dislocations and subluxations go beyond the injury with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. One tiny assault fires up a miserable process making it difficult for me to function at all. That is just the way my EDS life goes! Nonetheless, as I write this I am noting its been 6 hours since my last dose of this supplement and the sore spots and burning points are slowly starting to creep back out from my spine and from deep inside my hip. Earlier when I took my dose I experienced the same thing. Looks like I might keep this supplement on board for good!

Not so long ago, I was taking mega-doses of NSAIDS  and my stomach fought against it so to the extent I ended up very sick unable to eat more days than not. While I still have those days as expected with the chronic nature of my disease processes, stopping the NSAIDS was paramount to feeling better from a gastrointestinal perspective.

I was feeling rather awful when I said goodbye to NSAIDS but supplementing the anti-inflammatory relief with Schwartz BioResearch’s Premium Turmeric Curcumin Formula is an effective route to better relieve my musculoskeletal pain naturally, without negative affects like increased heartburn, nausea and difficultly eating.

I am impressed with Schwartz BioResearch’s Premium Turmeric Curcumin Formula compared to other brands I tried in the past because it worked so quickly on my injury. This relief is superior to the brand I usually purchase. Using this supplement, I decreased the amount of “as needed” pain and muscle spasm medication I normally need to recover from such an injury. I cannot wait to see how I feel after a month of using this formula as its already helped so much with my acute EDS related injury!

Click here to Purchase Schwartz BioReseach’s Premium Turmeric Curcumin 1300mg with BioPerine & 95% Standardized Curcuminoids via’s Amazon Affiliates Link

While considered generally safe, there is the potential this supplement could interact with medications affecting bleeding times as well as aggravating gastrointestinal distress. Please click here to checkout the product page to ensure this product is free of allergens and for more information on purchasing.  Schwartz recommends always eating with this supplement as well as drinking at least 9 glasses of water daily to avoid stomach upset. This brief informational review is not medical advice. Please check with your practitioner before making any changes to your individual treatment plan.

Starting TODAY (11/01/2016) Schwartz BioResearch is also holding a promotional give-a-way for $100 Amazon gift card to use at the Schwartz BioResearch Amazon Store (click here to visit)!!!!! 

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Thanks for reading my product review!

I’d love to hear from other’s who have used Turmeric for pain management in the comments below!

Until next time, may your spoons be plenty!

Giveaway November 2016